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Our Story

When my friends got sick of hearing about weddings, I thought, "Hmm who else can I talk to about weddings, and how can I get paid to do it?".


Just kidding!


Olive Grove was born from a pure love of weddings - it is truly the delight of my life to celebrate love, and see others enjoying it too. I love seeing couples' vision come to life in a way that is true to THEM and their story. Getting paid is just an added perk! 


At Olive Grove we celebrate every unique love story. My goal is to take what could be a stressful planning process, and turn it into a peaceful, joy-filled time that couples WANT to remember. I empower couples to plan a day reflective of them from beginning to end, and humbly wear the hats of coach, friend, coordinator and cheerleader. ​


Wedding planning isn't easy, but I hope that we can work together, mix up a little magic, and create a day that you'll never forget. 

Our Story
About Me

Micayla Rollerson


My name is Micayla, and I am a wedding-fangirl turned wedding coordinator and coach. 


I am a born-and-raised Minnesota girl, and am my happiest in a lake floatie with a good book and a Diet Coke in hand. 

Some words that have been used to describe me are: supportive, open-minded, gentle, enthusiastic, insightful, and creative. I love working behind the scenes, and I believe all the little details are where the magic hides.


I’ve been planning weddings since I was six years old… okay so maybe it was for my barbies, but you can see the passion stirring, right? All through high school and college I would make extensive mood boards for all of my friends - solicited or not - and after fulfilling the role of personal attendant several times, I felt like a career in wedding coordination could be where my passion and purpose found a home. 

About Me

Our Mission

Foster Peace

To foster peace-of-mind in both the planning process and on each wedding day - everyone deserves to enjoy this incredibly special and unique time of life to the absolute fullest.

Empower Couples

To empower couples to make decisions that are true to their personalities and that reflect their love story.

Serve Humbly

To humbly serve each couple to the best of our ability, and commit our full attention to them and their needs while we are together.

Our Mission
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